RECEPTACLE 120-480Vac 7 Pin Connectors / 30cm / BLC10R5-7P

The BLC10R5-7P PHOTOCONTROL RECEPTACLE is an element that allows the installation of the photocell or Shorting cap into the luminaire. Works from 120-480Vac.


The BLC10R5-7P PHOTOCONTROL RECEPTACLE has 7 pin connectors, 3 to turn on the luminaire and 4 control wires. It has 7 power wires of 30cm length and tinned tips to facilitate integration into new or installed lighting equipment. The base has protective packaging to work properly in outdoor environments.


Data sheet

Manufacturing standards
ANSI C136.41 & ANSI 136.10
Nominal network voltages [50/60Hz]
120 - 480 Vac
Power Cables
3x14AWG - 30 cm
Control cables
4x18AWG Rating 30Vdc & 250mA

Specific References

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