INADISA is a Colombian Company founded in 1988, by Phillips, Celsa and Roy Alpha in order to provide its partners (luminaries manufacturers, and other companies involved in the electric market) with the most delicate part of the luminarie, the Ballast. As the time passed by, INADISA was getting stronger in the market thanks to its high quality standard and also because of having one of the best testing laboratories and for its highly qualified employees.

By the time, Inadisa expanded successfully its portfolio with different kind of electrical products as the HID Ignitor (1996), Magnetic Transformer (2000), Photocontrol (2003), HID CWA Ballast (2004), commercialization of HID condenser (2005), HID Electronic Ballast (2006), SPD (2017) Drivers and OFF GRID photovoltaic systems (2018), receptacles (2019); those products have been certified under the norms ANSI, IEC, NOM (Mexico), UL, RoHs, RETILAP, RETIE and as a Company with ISO 9001 certificate.

With more than 32 years of experience, INADISA exports its products to countries as Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Mexico, offering to the market and customers reliable products with high quality standards that constantly adapt to new technologies meeting all the technical standards of the industry.


Our Company mission is to Manufacture and commercialize electric and electronic products for public illumination, surrounded in a committed environment, fulfilled of motivation and teamwork through a culture of quality and efficiency, meeting the legal and regulatory standards in order to attend the needs of the market and stakeholders.


In 2022 we will be positioned as the efficient, trustful and competitive lighting products provider, constantly adapted to new technologies.


Consolidate a culture focused on the continuous improvement that allows us to provide our customers and the market with trustful lightning equipment solutions, meeting all the national and international regulations to satisfy their needs and expectations, in order to achieve and strengthen our growth.