OFF GRID PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEM PRO007 / 12V 100Ah AGM batteries / MPPT Controller Vdc / Driver 24Vdc

OFF GRID PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEM PRO007 is a solar powered solution for operating LED luminaires, USB charging devices, security cameras and communication devices.


OFF GRID PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEM PRO007 is composed of different electrical components for all types of remote installation.

This solution has a total weight of 82Kg, The chest dimentions are 550-610-262 mm and its composed by two 12V 100Ah AGM Bateries, a MPPT Capacitor and a 24Vdc DRIVER added to the luminaire.


  • Can be quickly deployed on site.
  • It is designed to guarantee high productivity of the solar system
  • Power generation and consumption in the same place, manageable, controlable, dimmable, measureble and reliable power.
  • Scalable solutions
  • Clean and silent energy


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