MH 250W (M58 & M153) SODIUM SET / 120/208/240/277V – 480V CWA BALLAST + 16µF 450 o 660Vac CAPACITOR + IGSU400 o IM60 IGNITOR

The Sodium bulb SET MH 250W (M58 & M153) is a Set of electrical components for HID lightning that guarantees the correct operation of the luminaire. Reactor Ballast + Capacitor + Ignitor.


The Sodium bulb SET MH 250W (M58 & M153) is composed of a 120/208/240/277V – 480V CWA Ballast in charge to control and regulate the power of the bulb, a 16µF 450 o 660Vac Capacitor for power factor corrector and an IGSU400 o IM60 Ignitor that generates the adequate voltage pulse to light the bulb.

MH 250W (M58 & M153)

Data sheet

Maximum power
250 W

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