PCE-3NC51A PHOTOCONTROL 120-277Vac / NC / Fail ON / Long life / 640J

The PCE-3NC51A PHOTOCONTROL is an automatic device for turning on and off the luminaire, its operation acts according to the natural sunlight, Designed to be connected in 120-277Vac 50/60Hz power networks and it has surge protection of 20kV/10kA (640 Joules).


The PCE-3NC51A PHOTOCONTROL is a device for external use with long life according to ANSI C136.10, designed to be connected in 120-277Vac 50/60Hz power networks, Contact at Night Normally Closed, Fail ON, surge protection 20kV/10kA (640 Joules).


It contains a photoelectric cell which activates itself according to the sunlight, producing current to activate the control device which opens the power circuit of the luminaire.

Once the intensity of sunlight decreases, the power circuit is closed. Some references allow to program the time in which the user wants to keep his circuit ON. 


  • Public Lightning
  • Domestic Lightning
  • Garden Lightning


Data sheet

Manufacturing standards
ANSI C136.10
Nominal network voltages [50/60Hz]
120 - 277 Vac
Surge protection
Contact position (LINE & LOAD) in the absence of light (Night)
Cerrado N.C.
Contact position (LINE & LOAD) in Failure condition
Time of life
Larga duración

Specific References

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